11 Creative Gifts & Packaging Designs

For designers, creative gift packaging is often just as important as its contents. After all, presentation adds to the excitement and experience of receiving a gift. The mystery that is hidden behind the festive gift wrap or package gives the actual gift an extra oomph of delight.

From competition winners to fascinating work from around the web, these beautifully-designed and festive gifts are sure to warm any designer’s heart.

11 Creative Gifts and Packaging Designs

Clever Creative Holiday Promotional Mailer
by Clever Creative

This mailer earned a win in HOW’s most recent Promotion & Marketing Design Awards. Read about Clever Creative’s offbeat approach to design work here.



EME Design Studio

These tasty chocolate bar wrappers earned EME Design Studio a win in last year’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.

3MG_5218 MG_5242

by Goods & Services

This project earned a well-deserved win in HOW’s Promotion and Marketing Design Awards.

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Holiday Punch Gift Tags
by Wiloughby Design

These festive punch gift cards created by Wiloughby Design is another feature in this year’s Regional Design Annual. We love the use of gold foil embossing and die-cut.

Hallmark – Beer
by Holly Ryan

Holly Ryan created this fun pattern of beer for creative gift wrapping and gift bag design.



Jameson Audit Survival Kit
Element Three Location

If you’re dreading tax season, this Promotion and Marketing Design Award-winning survival kit is just what you need.


WDSG Christmas Promotion
by Lampson Yip

Lampson Yip designed this wonderful gift bag for the shop, WDSG. The design was screen printed onto denim laundry bags.



Goods & Services Holiday Gift
Agency: Goods & Services

Arguably more charming than the Krampus of holiday lore (and the upcoming film), this packaging work features both naughty and nice, good and bad—but both impressive to look at. This project was honored in HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.

01_GampS-Christmas-Promo_4BTL_FFBB06_GampS-Christmas-Promo-089b 03_GampS-Christmas-Promo-072

Bulb Patterns
by Emily Julstrom

This vibrant gift paper features beautiful designs and patterns.




Sweet Like Chocolate
by Karoline Frau

A decorative paper for gift wrapping to replace or to give in addition to a greeting card.

Foxtrot Christmas Gift Box
by Foxtrot Studio

As a gift to their clients, Foxtrot designed this neat wooden box with a holiday treat inside.



Bonus: Starbucks 2014 Holiday Dot Collection
by Starbucks Coffee Company – In House Design Team

Creative Team: Jennifer Quotson, Alice Friedel, Marisa Crane, Trista Sydloski-Tesch, Nicole Harter, Rachel Spence, Esther Asuncion, Pamela Farrington, and Melody Grieves

While this isn’t strictly packaging, we love the way these In-House Design Award-winning cups spread holiday cheer.


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