Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome to Design Finds, our weekly selection of news highlights and discoveries for designers and creatives. This week’s selection includes a sign language resource from an unexpected provider, a poster design for typography and cat lovers, a design salary survey, a new movie for creative pros and art lovers, and an interactive documentary.

1. Gifs for Sign Language Education

Giphy and Sign with Robert have assembled a library of 2000 gifs to help people learn sign language. How cool is that? Check it out here.

 giphy (2)

2. Take a Design Salary Survey

Creative jobs resource Coroflot has released its design salary survey. Tell them about your work here.

3. Loving Vincent

The trailer for this gorgeously styles upcoming film is finally out!

4. Helveticat

This clever poster by designer Bethany Lesko gives cat tails a type treatment. Check out her work on her website or get a print of the poster here.


5. An Interactive Documentary About the World of Spying

This interactive documentary shines a light on a global spy network among five countries.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 11.07.56 AM