Creativity Exercise Secrets of the Pros

You haven’t truly arrived until you’ve walked into a client meeting and been asked to design a creative identity for something you find ridiculous, or worse, unsellable. If it were an easy sell, a creative team would not be necessary.

Creative powerhouse extraordinaire, Jim Krause, author of’s 2012 #1 bestseller, The Logo Brainstorm Book, has just released creative exercisesD30: Exercises for Designers promising: Thirty days of creative design exercises & career-enhancing ideas.


Sign up for Krause’s  free design tutorial on August 28th at 2pm ET to learn more about his new book and his upcoming workshop — D30: Exercises for Designers.  All workshop attendees will be given the D30 ebook as part of the program.

Don’t delay. Creativity is necessary to your craft and is even more so required when working with clients who “know what they want.” Can you ever have too much creativity?

What can you expect from this course?

  • a sharper ability to evaluate composition and aesthetics
  • an awakening of your hands-on skills involving pens, pencils, inks and paper
  • a reconnecting with real-world dimensional media through both planned and improvised creative projects
  • an addition of new skills to what we are able to bring to our professional work
  • establishing new creative goals and coming up with ways of reaching those goals
  • becoming more open-minded and resourceful when creating
  • having fun again while creating art

creative exercisesThe book offers ways to build your creativity skills as well:

D30 is a workout book. In addition to dozens of readily applicable tips, tricks and informational tidbits, D30 contains thirty exercises designed to develop and strengthen the creative powers of graphic designers, artists and photographers in a variety of intriguing and fun ways. Look for fun, hands-on projects that involve media like pens, pencils, paints and paper; try any one of 30 exercises that build on one another if performed in order; and employ the practical applications for how each exercises will help you in your creative endeavors. Learn more here.

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