Cyber Monday: Extra 10% off Pantone

If you’re anything like me, the holidays are a bit stressful. From the cooking and hosting to the gift-wrapping, everyone is running a million miles a minute. Even if you’re a creative who’s lucky enough to handpick projects and craft your own schedule, throwing together a successful holiday celebration—with all the decorations and edible delights—can be easier said than done. That’s not to mention Black Friday, which is an entirely different nightmare.

Luckily, the HOW team has devised a Cyber Monday sale that will make gift-buying a breeze. Need to get your artsy BFF a book on self-promotion or your computer geek brother has requested online education to improve his digital design workflow? Our official online store,, has a slew of goodies at incredible web-only prices.

Forget the busy checkout lines and one-time only deals that Black Friday has to offer. The HOW team knows how crazy it can be to pick up presents for everyone on the nice list, so we’ve extended the sale to give you two full days of buying opportunities. But wait … there’s more! You’ll be looking for loved ones to bestow the gift of Pantone, such as the PANTONE SkinTone Guide, the PANTONE Cotton Swatch Case or, Santa’s top pick, the PANTONE PLUS SERIES ESSENTIALS Complete. Why Pantone, you ask? Because the Cyber Monday sale includes an extra 10% off all Pantone products, of course. Just use the coupon code CYBER10 to save!

So whether you’re looking to sneak a surprise under the tree or wrap up a little something special for yourself, HOW has you covered. From the HOW family to yours, we hope our Cyber Monday sale gives you an extra something to be thankful for this holiday season. Cheers!