Defining Your Branding Identity

Mind Mapping probably sounds like something out of Star Trek, but it is a key exercise in understanding how brands are viewed or wish to be viewed in the marketplace. Carlson’s School of Management at the University of Minnesota presented an example of the Nike mental map at a summit on branding. mindmap

The cognitive identity of Nike, according to Carlson, is formed via the brand identifications in this example and are used to determine Points of Parity (POP) and Points of Difference (POD). It is in the POD that will determine brand ranking and whether that brand will live or die in an extremely crowded marketplace.

Branding begins with identity – name, logo, color scheme, message – it is the first step in establishing, consciously and unconsciously, where it can be positioned in a particular target group’s mind.

You are a brand, with or without your permission. Whether you strive to create a cognitive brand identity or not, you will have one. Human nature dictates a need for understanding, so your identity and messaging are filed away mentally by every person you meet, making it crucial to provide key POPs and PODs for every interaction you engage in with your industry peers.

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