Design Challenge: Pantone to CMYK Conversion

How important is using the exact brand color for your client? Top companies have gone as far as trademarking Pantone colors. Converting Pantone to CMYK might be the most important detail of your work. If you’re sloppy about it, it could cost you money and a client. has several products to help with CMYK to Pantone conversion. Why so many options? Here’s an article to help you better assess your needs. The best place to start with any color conversion is with a CMYK to Pantone chart (or a Pantone to CMYK conversion chart) as a visual reference. Also, remember that color changes based on the print surface, so you’ll need guides that showcase color based on coated and uncoated options.

Like any challenge, having the right tools makes all the difference. offers dozens of choices for Pantone to CMYK conversion and numerous price options, but don’t just let price be your guide. Get what you need. There are often many participants in the design function. Make sure you understand your responsibility to the process and work to build confidence and reliability between you and your clients.

Essential Design Tools:

PANTONE PLUS SERIES Formula Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated (with 336 New Colors)
Retail: $149
Your Price: $109
You Save: 27%

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