Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week


Welcome to the latest edition of Design Finds, where we highlight design news, creative happenings and inspirational discoveries from the past week. This week, we found paper beetle kits, a new wearable and the horror movie of the year (literally).

1. DIY 3D Paper Beetle Kits

If you like insects as much as you like making stuff, you’ll be delighted by Assembli’s newest paper sculpture kit. Designer Joop Bource of Netherlands-based Assembli created this particular trio of DIY beetle models. Take a look at them here.


2. A Somewhat Terrifying Parody of 2016

Comedy trio Friend Dog Studios says of their latest creation, “It’s the horror movie of the year.
Literally.” Enough said. Let’s all work to make 2017 brighter.

3. Lief: The Wearable for the Stressed

A wearable that can help people become more tuned in to what’s happening inside their bodies, thus potentially helping to reduce the impact of chronic stress and the number of heart attacks and strokes? We’re in. Check out the already-funded Kickstarter here.


4. A Depressed T-Rex

In case you need more T-Rex in your life and missed seeing this one struggle with an identity crisis before discovering Audi Piloted Driving, well, here you go. Read more about the project and creative team here.

5. A Patent for Flying Warehouses

We all knew it was only a matter of time before online shopping involved drones and flying warehouses. Amazon may have only a patent for now, but even so, it’s getting real, folks. Learn more here.

The HOW team wishes you a happy New Year and invites you to both set yourself up for success in 2017 and support print with a subscription to HOW or PRINT magazines. Let’s ring in the new year together!

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One thought on “Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

  1. Hasanul Banna

    These are really nice. Of the five, DIY 3D Paper Beetle Kits and A Patent for Flying Warehouses I like most. I wish I would create lot of other things like 3D Paper Beetle. :D. Waiting fro your next 5 Creative Highlights. Thanks and Happy New Year anyway.