Design Finds: Creative News & Highlights from the Week

Welcome to the latest edition of Design Finds, where we highlight design news, creative happenings and inspirational discoveries from the past week. This week’s selection includes awesome album art, a dream visualizer, Where’s Waldo? in 360 degrees, a fascinating gaming system and more.

Interesting Creative Projects & News from Around the Web

1. 10×16

Here, 19 visual artists countdown their 10 favorite albums of 2016 with reimagined cover art. Check it out: 10×


2. Good Dreamer

You can type in the details of your dream—the longer and richer the better—and this tool will analyze its meaning to unlock your custom created artwork. Fascinating:


3. A Tiny Gaming Console That Plays Retro Games from 28 Systems

This RetroEngine Sigma Mini Console & Media Player seems pretty epic. According to the IndieGogo page, “via an easy smartphone guided setup procedure, gamers gain the ability to run a majority of retro video games released on such classic systems as Atari VCS 2600, Sega Genesis, NES and many more. It is also a living room computer and powerful media-center.” Check it out here.


4. Where’s Waldo in 360 Degrees

As if he wasn’t already hard enough to spot. Up the ante and check out this 360˚ game of Where’s Waldo? See more work by the creator, Kevin Holer, here.

5. Christmas XP

This holidays advent calendar was created by digital artists. Each day features a new artist and a new experiment.