Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome to the latest edition of Design Finds, where we highlight design news, creative happenings and inspirational discoveries from the past week. This week’s selection includes a sweet AI project, a nifty typeface, and a fascinating restoration of a 17th-century map. Let’s dig in!

Design News & Recent Creative Highlights

1. Quick, Draw!

This fascinating experiment by Google seeks to discover how well AI can learn to recognize doodles. When you play the game and create each drawing, you’re teaching it.


2. 1600: Nexus’s AR Christmas Greeting for the White House

Nexus Interactive Arts created this neat AR experience for the White House. Explore an animated version of the presidential estate on a dollar bill. Check it out here.


3. The Restoration of a 17th Century Map

This map had been found up a chimney in northern Scotland, reduced to scraps. See how it was restored in the video below, and read more at Gizmodo.

4. Doors of Thrones

This Epica Award-winning project is absolutely beautiful—and inspired by Game of Thrones. Learn more about it here.


5. Nuclear Vegas

As a fan of the Fallout franchise, I’m digging this typeface inspired by the forgotten and discarded Las Vegas Strip signs. Learn more on Kraken’s website.