Design Sweepstakes: How To Win

Are you brainstorming ways to win over the broad range of demographics in the world of college marketing? Running out of ideas on how to connect with a prospective student? Are you wooing donors successfully into funding scholarships and programs? If you’re searching for a solid framework to help address these questions, then we have a comprehensive, information-packed tool designed to spike your marketing strategies.

How to Win by Neenah is a new promotion — and HOW giveaway! — sure to tickle any academic marketer’s heart. This large (9.5 x 13) wiro-bound book, created by award-winning Design Army, spotlights promotional pieces designed to address all phases of the college marketing calendar, from wooing prospective students and winning over parents, to maintaining relationships with and securing funding from alumni and donors.

Ten lucky creatives will win a copy of How to Win, courtesy of Neenah Paper. Enter now through March 14th for a chance to win one of these motivating, idea-generating, promotions.

The How to Win Design Sweepstakes:



How to Win is filled with large French folds that houses a variety of removable samples designed to inspire through interaction with paper texture, color, and functionality. A DIY homecoming invitation transforms into a megaphone, and an advent calendar-like leaflet gives students hidden answers to the ultimate question, ‘what’s your major?’


Enter for a chance to win one of 10 Neenah How to Win Promotions.

Six key touch points of the college audience explored in How to Win are:

  • How to entice college-bound students
  • How to influence the big decision
  • How to seal the deal
  • How to connect with a generation that cares
  • How to boost alumni loyalty
  • How to reel in and reassure donors

See more of what’s inside:




Enter for a chance to win one of 10 Neenah How to Win Promotions.