Design Sweepstakes: Win $500 in Stock Photos from Stocksy

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Design sweepstakes

This year, HOW + Print and its sponsors are giving away 12 exciting daily prizes in December—over $5,000 in prizes with a winner every weekday!

For a chance to win, you must enter separately for each day’s prize (all prizes listed here) so make sure you enter every day. The official daily prize giveaway began on December 9 and ends December 24, 2014. Share with your friends after you enter to receive 5 bonus entries for each friend who enters—every single day! Learn more here.

Check out the current prize:


$500 in Stock Photoography from Stocksy United!

Win $500 worth of modern, authentic, cliché-free stock photography from Stocksy United. Our 100% exclusive, highly curated, royalty-free collection creates a distinct high-end experience that we’re proud of — and clients love. We know you will too. Learn more about Stocksy here. (Retail Value: $500)


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MyDesignShop is also celebrating 12 Days of Design!

Today only, you’ll find 11 Independent Study courses for only $11 at MyDesignShop! Check out the deal here.

Here are a few of our most popular Independent Study courses:

Hand Lettering Power Course

developed by Denise Bosler


Introduce hand-lettering into your repertoire of design skills with this course. Denise Bosler, author of Mastering Type, will provide you with the skills you need to add a personal touch to your typographic communication from research and sketching to developing dynamic layouts with custom lettering. You will be given the opportunity to communicate your love of hand-lettering through the process of self-discovery and experimentation as you explore your typographic voice and creative style. Purchase this independent study course for only $11 here.


Creating a Responsive HTML Email

developed by Chris Converse


Designing HTML email can be quite challenging, considering the limited capabilities of many email readers. In contrast, most new email readers support many of the latest trends in web design. So what’s a designer to do? Enter Responsive HTML Email.

This Independent Study course will show you how to design and construct an HTML email design that will render properly (and adapt to varying screen sizes) in 30+ different mail clients, including: Outlook, Gmail, Android, iOS, and Windows phones. We’ll also explore online tools and services that will help you test your campaigns. Discover what’s possible with HTML email – in a variety of formats & devices. Purchase this independent study course here.


D30: Exercises for Designers

developed by Jim Krause


Most of us who work as designers grew up making art, and it was our love of drawing, painting, crafting and/or taking pictures that got us here. Unfortunately, the deeper we get into the design business, the further we seem to find ourselves from the fun and skill-generating activities that produced both our talent and our enthusiasm. Jim Krause has been in the design biz for thirty years and this course is built around the hands-on extra-curricular art, design and photography activities Krause regularly enjoys in order to keep his creative world fun, his design skills sharp and his creative instincts relevant and usable. Join us for this course, and don’t be surprised if you end up with a nice collection of frameable art pieces by the time you’re finished! Purchase this independent study course here.

UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes

developed by Patrick McNeil


In this course, we’ll take an in-depth look at the use of wireframes and prototypes in the UX designer’s workflow. These seemingly simple tools have many nuances to them that can work for you-or against you.

During this course, we’ll cover a range of strategies and methods for implementing these tools in an effort to optimize user experience. After all, wireframes and prototypes are key to your success as a UX designer. Purchase this independent study course here.


Introduction to Mobile Website Design

developed by Brian Wood


These days, optimizing your website for the many different mobile devices users rely on is a must. To do that, you need to approach the website design and development process in a new way, with an eye on creating user-friendly responsive design sites. In this class, you’ll walk away with an understanding of what responsive web design is all about.

From the different types of mobile-enhanced design methods we can use (think adaptive or responsive design to name a few), to actually diving in and building a responsive site. You’ll learn what media queries are and how to use them effectively. You’ll also explore the good bits of HTML5 and CSS3, learn about responsive images, video, text, as well as some of the ways to test our responsive pages. This info packed course will get you up to speed quickly, and you’ll finally be able to not only say that you know what responsive design is, but be able to create one! Purchase this independent study course here.