Start-Up Burnout: Designer, Receptionist, Mail Clerk

stress300Remember that day, when you got the call to join that amazing startup and you thought about all the freedom you would have to design your way? No more running your work through a gauntlet of departments with each one tweaking your work ever so slightly. Remember?

Looking to get that enthusiasm back? Startups offer incredible benefits for designers. This can be said for going freelance as well. But in both cases, the pressure of consistently outputting designs can be incredibly overwhelming. Add to that the distractions that come with the skeleton staff of a startup and you’re now also the receptionist, the mailroom clerk and jack-of-all-trades.

Melissa Morris Ivone knows how you feel. After a decade of corporate, in-house work, she developed an obsession with the startup world, landing her dream job as the designer for tech startup Curalate, the marketing suite for the visual web. What she found as she transitioned was a vital need to change the way she thought about design work. On March 27th from 2-3pm (eastern), she will share it all with you in her Live Design Tutorial – 6 Ways Designers Can Avoid Burnout and Embrace Change.  This special program is being offered for just $20.

Ivone will teach you how to approach your design work with new eyes; learn on the fly and adapt to change; know when to cut corners and when to burn the midnight oil; and even how to find and get involved with tech startups. It’s time to de-stress.


6 Ways Designers Can Avoid Burnout and Embrace Change
Wednesday, March 27th
2:00-3:00 PM Eastern (1 hour)
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