Developing Audience Profiles


How well do you know your audience? If asked to design for a brand, do you know how to determine audience demographics in order to provide engaging creative? Why do you need to know your audience or users of your product/website?

Jose Caballer leads an interactive workshop tomorrow, “How to Define ‘User’ in User Experience.” Feb. 21st at 2pm eastern. This one hour interactive workshop offers invaluable skills for design professionals. Caballer will take attendees through creative exercises to understand user profiles – who they are, what motivates them and how to fully engage them. This workshop will teach:

  • How to take samples of your user population
  • How to narrow your sample, and define them with personal details
  • How to define user goals
  • How this information should inform your creative strategy

This class is $69.99. You’ll also receive the class recording within a few days of completing the workshop.

500x500_userexJose Caballer will teach you how to develop user profiles that can serve as the foundation for the creation of your website or application. You’ll learn how to ask questions like, “Are my users tech savvy?” And, “What is it they like about my product?” Because when you understand how your average user thinks, and what their motivations are, you’re able to create a user experience that meets (and hopefully exceeds) their expectations. Register Now.