Editor’s Pick Sale!

You can tell a lot about a person by the choices they make, so I thought I would analyze my fellow editors based on their Editor’s Picks for our two-day sale – all picks are 50% off.

First out of the gate is me, actually one of my picks because it is currently the number one seller today at HOW’s MyDesignShop.com. (Just saying).  The Web Designer’s Idea Book Volume 3 is full of examples and information in building and designing websites, written by best-selling author, Patrick McNeil.

Scott Francis, editor of HOW + Print books picked one of our top sellers – The Logo Brainstorm Book. That says a lot about this book that it is endorsed by the editor in charge of books. Hmmmm….


ideabookEditor’s Pick9781440304316                    Editor’s Pick
Kathy Scott                      Scott Francis
50% off                              50% off
$15 – 2 days only             $20 – 2 days only
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Our newest associate editor, Karli Petrovic, chose Caffeine for the Creative Mind. This book includes 250 exercises for the creative mind. Karli is AMAZING and prolific. I’m pretty sure she’s a fan of regular caffeine, too. She’s headed for stardom and her book is running a close third.


caffeineEditor’s Pick                  Editor’s Pickarchetypes
Karli Petrovic                Scott Francis
50% off                           50% off
$8.50 – 2 days only      $22.50 – 2 days only
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Scott also chose Archetypes in Branding, which is one of my top three branding books. To view the entire list of favorites, including choices from our PRINT editors – all 50% off – visit our Editor’s Picks at MyDesignShop.com.

Don’t miss out. Today and tomorrow only!