Embracing Your Secret Power: Your Business Card

businesscardsOne of the ironic causalities of the information age has been the ubiquitous business card. Today, there are apps that allow for “bumping” or instant sharing of information via a smart phone, as well as vCards that attach contact information via emails and QR Codes. While these apps do accomplish the goal  of gaining contact information from a business colleague, they lack that “WOW” factor that business professionals need in order to stay competitive and stand out.

Imagine meeting the CEO of a well-respected design firm. You want to make a good impression against a sea of professionals just like you. What do you think the best icebreaker is for opening conversation about you and your talents in business?

It is the business card and not just any business card.

Your brand introduction has to be inspiring and intriguing.  We’ve put together some of our favorite business card designs in this free ebook – 14 of the Best Business Card Designs Ever. Take a look at how other companies are making their mark through business card design. Then decide if you would rather “bump” with a smart phone or personally interact with a potential client after you hand him or her your cool, innovative business card that says ‘You are something special!” We think the latter is more successful.

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