Flourish Banner Frame by Von Glitschka

Flourish. Banner. Frame.Are you familiar with Von Glitschka’s previous books, “Crumble Crackle Burn” and “Drip Dot Swirl?” If so, you’ll know that he is a master at creating special elements that designers can use in their own projects: textures, patterns, and now ornaments! “Flourish Banner Frame” is a huge collection of 555 symbols, floral motifs, border treatments, frills, banners, shields, crests, ornaments, decorative frames, placards and cartouches. The ornaments are on the included DVD (along with 60 bonus ornaments), so you can pop the disk in your computer and immediately get started. The designers in our office always ask for a copy of this book as soon as it’s out—if that’s not the best endorsement for a book, I don’t know what is…

And—if you buy the book and can provide proof of receipt, Von Glitschka will send you 65 more all-new bonus ornaments! Order here, and you’ll see directions on how to get those free ornaments at checkout. (So that’s a grand total of 680 ornaments. I did the math so you wouldn’t have to. What a deal.)

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