Freelance Graphic Design: Unfurlough Us

Is anyone else getting the feeling that most of the American people are ignoring congress and the government shutdown? Congress recently passed a bill to reinstate pay for some government workers and their supervisors said, ‘Great, get to work!’ But there are thousands of others who are still waiting. Instead of marching on Washington, and occupying something or screaming “for the people of the people” it’s almost as if we’re doing just fine without the politicians, kind of. But as Americans, we do care about our own family and friends.

Over the past eight days since the shutdown, someone set up a Google Doc  on for freelance jobs to be posted for government workers. 1776 saw the document and polished it a little, said TechCruch, “with a new design and a more sophisticated data backend.” Looks like a talented freelance graphic design professional helped.

Freelance sounds like a job with no stress. Not true. Incorporating our passion while wanting more freedom requires a solid, objective business strategy.

On October 29, Some of the most impressive freelancers plan to share the knowledge with you over an entire day: Ilise Benun, Dana Manciagli,, Tom N. Tumbusch,, Lidia Varesco Racoma, Nikita Prokhorov, Danita Reynolds, Julie-Ann Burkhart, and  Jill Anderson.

This is a one day, all access pass with the ability to interact, learn and ask questions from the pros. Learn more about the sessions and topics on the Strategies for Creative Freelancers – Fall 2013