Handmade Type Workshop by Charlotte Rivers

Handmade Type WorkshopThis book not only has gorgeous, inspirational examples of handmade letterforms, but also really useful tutorials and behind-the-design information. The author covers virtually every possible way to create typography, including illustration, digital rendering, hand-drawn, printed and stitched, and found object photography. Then, she outlines how to take hand-crafted lettering and transform it into a complete working font. The examples are phenomenal, the information is simple and relevant, and there are profiles of real working designers and design firms who have created their own letterforms and used them in real-life projects. Totally makes me want to create my very own typeface – immediately. Flip open to any page, and you’ll want to pull out your X-Acto, your ruler, your pencil, your eraser, your pens, your camera, your mouse—maybe even your watercolors and your glue—immediately.