Happy Birthday Pantone!

The Pantone Matching System is celebrating 50 years (1963-2013)!


What do you get the Pantone Matching System that has everything?


How about a Presidential greeting to Pantone headquarters acknowledging the company’s birthday? Check. I emailed Senator Frank Launtenberg’s Chief of Staff. But a letter from the President Barack Obama doesn’t seem seem like enough.

How about using a gold background (PMS 872) to frame my celebratory post since the 50th Anniversary is the Gold Anniversary – PMS 872 = hex code: #CC9900.


Then we could decorate a blimp using some of the first Pantone colors from the original 1963 Pantone Color Guide (five years ago SeaVees created shoes with these same colors). We can write happy birthday using PMS 178, then frame a picture of it using PMS 540 and sign it from their grateful friends at HOW.

blimp (3)

Too much? Not enough? I can’t celebrate Pantone’s 50th birthday without considering what the Pantone Matching System has meant to…billions of people. Without it, Home Depot’s ubiquitous orange (PMS 165), would be just orange and, as a Florida Gator alumna (Pantone 172), I know just how many shades of orange exist that compete on the college football field:

University of Tennessee (PMS 151)
University of Miami (PMS 1665)
University of Texas (PMS 159)
Princeton University (PMS 158)
University of Virginia (PMS 145)

Color matters.

It’s still hard to believe that one man, Lawrence Herbert, developed the Pantone Matching System in New Jersey in 1963 and it became the standard so quickly. Today, it is an integral part of branding, designing and creating products, fashions, fabrics, and more.

Pantone is celebrating as well by launching limited edition products. If you want to learn more about font color codes, Pantone color, here’s some quick resources:


50 ColorBridge-coated-uncoated

Pantone Plus Series Color Bridge Guides Coated and Uncoated. 50th Anniversary Edition
Retail: $260
Your Price: $195
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50Port-Guide-Studio_WEB Portable Guide Studio Complete
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