Herding the Creatives

I have yet to meet a creative person that isn’t passionate about their work. So passionate that (we) find it hard to let go of our brilliant ideas. I’ve seen brainstorming meetings turn into barnstorming meetings with fiery speeches meant to sway opinions and gain support.


Douglas Davis, assistant professor of design at New York City College of Technology and adjunct professor at New York University in the Integrated Marketing program, has developed a focused approach to defining creative strategy.

“At some point during my career, I realized that I lost creative battles because I was ignorant of the larger business or marketing considerations that trumped aesthetics,” says Davis.

On April 24th at 2pm eastern, Davis will lead a class –  Creative Strategy Framework: Keeping Your Creative Team On Brand, On Strategy and On Message Live Design Tutorial, to assist designers in developing creative briefs across different industries for different objectives.

500x500_frameworkThe tutorial will give attendees insight into:

  • – using a framework to generate multiple concept idea
  • – ways to develop the foundation for focused briefs
  • – information on how to define the target in terms of demographics, psychographics, attitude and behaviors
  • – where to find more relevant information about the brand or product
  • – how to define a product or service in terms of features and benefits

To learn more, or to register, visit HOWDesignUniversity.com