I Have a Confession to Make

I secretly love conferences. I know that doesn’t sound like much of a confession, but I have to keep my enthusiasm contained otherwise I run the risk of coming on a little too strong. No surprise that HOW Design Live makes me almost hyperventilate. If you haven’t already registered, this is the week!

One of my branding idols is Sagi Haviv, partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar.  I recently put together a corporate design ebook showcasing seven brand designs that Chermayeff & Geismar created. Any of these logos look familiar:

495px-ChermayeffGeismar_LogosHaviv will speak about the Basic Principles of Identity Design at HOW Design LIVE. This is me sitting in the front row at Haviv’s keynote:


Another favorite of mine is Johnny Cupcakes apparel, because cupcakes make me happy. johnnycupcakes

Founder of Johnny Cupcakes, LLC and brilliant brand strategist, Johnny Earle, will also be speaking at HOW Design LIVE! Earle has earned numerous accolades for his creative approach to business and his promotional and brand savvy. I’m going to see if I can convince him to do a limited edition t-shirt based on HOW Design readers suggestions. (Comment below with your favorite quote).

Debbie Millman, author of five books on branding and design including Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design and Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits, will speak as well – “ON FAILURE: How the Worst Moments in Your Life Can Turn Out to Be the Best.” Great topic. Icons of industry could all contribute to this story. Millman has worked on redesigns for Pepsi, P&G, Colgate, Nestle, Hasbro and many others. 

Now, it’s time to calculate your cost vs. investment for attending HOW Design LIVE. Don’t worry, I’ve done it for you:


In other words,there are 365 days in a year/8760 hours. You work at least 10 hours a day and barely take off weekends, because you know if you slow down, you’ll miss something, especially in the 21st Century world of design. HOW Design LIVE runs from June 22-26 – five days. In five days you will hear from top industry experts, learn technologies being used today to create lasting brands, network with peers from thousands of companies and most importantly, you will be inspired, and nothing is more valuable than igniting your passion.



If you register before March 15th you’ll save $200 for the Big Ticket for a total of $1595 for an all-inclusive pass to all four HOW Design Live events (optional workshops, studio tour and lunches are not included, but may be added for an additional fee).

Individual tickets for the HOW Design LIVE conference,  the InHOWse Manager’s conference or the Dieline Package Design conference before March 15th is $1225. The individual Creative Freelancer full conference early bird fee is $545. Additional opportunities include studio tours, networking lunches and pre-conference programs for an additional fee.

Motivated? You should be. Nothing is more important than enhancing your talents and skill set!