I Want to be An App Designer

dpsI have apps for almost everything – shopping, exercise, eating – which probably tells you a little too much about me. Still, I have this secret dream to be an app developer. So, it’s no surprise that I have signed up to participate in Brian Wood’s – An Introduction to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), which begins February 11th. Digital Publishing Suite has been around for several years and is used by many of the top media and retail organizations.

Who uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite? Rolling Stone, REI, National Geographic are just a few using Digital Publishing Suite for content viewing, ads, catalogs, corporate publications. Any content can be made into an app using DPS.

The upcoming course runs from February 11 to February 24. Lesson 1 covers the Intro to the Digital Publishing Suite workflow and creating your folio. Lesson 2 tells you how to add interactivity and submit the the App Store, which can be challenging since it requires very strict guidelines and once submitted, I understand the content is extremely difficult to get changed.

Imagine adding app development to your portfolio. It’s an incredible option to offer your clients and inspire your in-house creative team.

Sign Up for Brian Wood’s – An Introduction to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS)

150_HowUpower-AdobeintroIn this course you’ll learn:

  • The ins and outs of the DPS workflow
  • How to properly setup your Adobe InDesign documents to create a folio
  • How to apply interactivity to your app, including buttons, slideshows, video, links, and more
  • How to create your app file
  • How to submit your completed app to the Apple app store

*image via shutterstock