Interactive Website Design Meets Nevada

Notice to 49 States: Nevada is Now A Brand

I don’t typically get WOW’ed by a website, especially one representing a Midwestern state, but I’m pretty sure that “Nevada,” the brand, has outdone Nevada, the state, in its recent redesign. Interactive website design tools engages with visitors and empowers the user to plan his or her own trip. But that’s not all this interactive website has to offer.


Maybe it’s the close proximity to California, but “Nevada” is more of a diva than a state when you consider her entourage. First, Nevada has her own PR firm and not a local boutique agency either. Nevada is represented by Burson-Martsteller, a global powerhouse in the world of PR. Yes, technically Burson-Marsteller represents the Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT), but isn’t NCOT essentially Nevada’s agent? Here’s a quote from NCOT regarding Nevada’s rebranding:

“The brand will initially be brought to life by the NCOT during its spring/summer integrated marketing campaign across various multi-media platforms including a new website, new travel app and new advertising.  Efforts will focus on adults ages 25 – 54 who are interested in active vacations, as well as young families.”

Nevada, the brand, has a target demographic?! Her entourage includes advertising agency Y&R, digital communications company Proof IC, and a $3 million communications’ budget. If you think Nevada has gone too far, think again. Tourism brings in millions of dollars, can encourage entire business relocations and attract high traffic business conferences.

Designers Take Note: Nevada’s redesign is one of the finest examples of interactive design I’ve seen. Y&R developed a brand, Nevada, that leisure and business travelers can invest in, added integrated empowerment touch points such as allowing online visitors to craft their own vacations, explore the state through online avenues and share content on social media. There are even links to partner sites for special event deals and pricing.

But wait…they’ve integrated a “Travel Nevada” app into the interactive media design, available for free on iTunes for navigating through potential attractions and collecting data to customize an itinerary. Nevada has arrived.

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