The iPhone App Design Manual

“Good app design was about more than taking the internet and making it accessible on your phone, it was an art form in its own right.” —Dave Brown

iphone-app-design-manualAs demand for iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices rises, so does the need for web designers who know how to design functional, successful mobile apps. The iPhone App Design Manual by Dave Brown is a comprehensive guide to designing effective mobile apps for beginners and experts alike.

This book caters to web designers, print designers and developers of all skills levels, offering non-techie directions and tips for designing top-tier mobile apps that benefit all skill levels.

Whether you’re creating an app for work or you just have a great idea for an app, the iPhone App Design Manual can help you turn your idea into an efficient, successful design. Those who choose to learn how to design mobile apps can expand their careers and job possibilities exponentially.

Jump into Mobile App Design Quickly

The trends and technology behind iPhone app design shift quickly. Stay ahead of the curve! With the iPhone App Design Manual, you can learn everything you need to know about mobile app design in just 30 days!

Seasoned designers and beginners alike can draw from this extensive guide to create any kind of mobile app imaginable without the headache of sifting through overly-technical directions. Assignments at the end of each chapter help designers learn by doing and get it right the first time.

Complete with hundreds of tips, techniques, and case studies from designers who made a career-expanding switch to mobile, this designer’s guide provides easy-to-follow, jargon-free lessons and assignments that get you into the design process quickly.

How to Design an iPhone App that Stands Out

In late 2013, the number of apps available in the App Store topped 1 million. Needless to say, creating an app that stands out among this ever-increasing flood is no small feat.

By exploring the role of apps in the mobile design world and how they’re made, the iPhone App Design Manual helps designers discover the skills and characteristics required to create a well-designed, successful app.

Delve into case studies of successful app designs to help inspire you to create a unique, effective tool for mobile users. By helping you define what you want your app to do, this book will enable you to perfect the user interface of your design and work to provide an enjoyable experience for your users. Learn how to execute market research to ensure your app will fulfill the needs of your audience and maximize your app’s success.

Work through these crucial facets of the process and learn how to design apps that possess the “wow factor” necessary to make it in the app industry.

Expand Your Design Career with Mobile and iPhone App Design

Supplementing your web design skills with mobile app design can be a great career-expanding move.

Regardless of your experience level, the iPhone App Design Manual can help launch the next chapter of your career.

Award-winning author Dave Brown uses real-world examples and advice from experts to provide a future-thinking, comprehensive guide to kick-starting or expanding your career in mobile app design.

If you have a great idea for an app and want it to stand out among the growing sea of mobile apps, or if you want to create a firm foundation in mobile app design to expand your career opportunities, the iPhone App Design Manual is your one-stop resource for all things related to mobile app design.