Is this Heaven? No it’s Google.

international design competitionsThis Cool Story Brought to you by The HOW International Design Awards. (Enter Now).

Google stop! Every Google Doodle is better than the next. Who are your incredible designers that create them and make them all work? Honor those creative men and women and enter your doodles in awards’ competitions. It doesn’t have to be ours, but we would love to be considered. International design competitions acknowledge hard work and help promote the design community.

Google, you might not need the recognition, but your talented staff does! Everyone feels good when they are nominated by the boss. (Of course, self-nomination is also an option – be proud of your work!).


In a decade, will your Debussy’s animated Google Doodle be remembered? Will the reminder of Clair de lune playing in the background be as easily recalled as cars rolling by  the backdrop of a crowded city, lights flickering and street lamps glowing. We keep the stories, and the work alive by archive it with our other winners online.

International Design Competiton

Talent is worth acknowledging. The HOW International Design Awards was created for that reason, showcasing the best in the pages of our publication and online. You can’t win if you don’t enter. Link here.