It’s Here! HOW Design LIVE Registration Opens

Take a deep breath. Now exhale…slowly. HOW Design Live 2013 is now accepting registrations for its 2013 design conference, the largest annual gathering of creative professionals! The site launched yesterday for the San Francisco conference taking place June 22-26 and registrations are coming in.

This year’s theme – Rediscover Inspiration – is the perfect way to identify the 2013 event. If you’ve never been to a HOW Design Live conference, I need to prepare you. First, get ready to meet the most amazing people you’ve ever encountered. I’m not just talking about the speakers. I’m referring to the attendees, brilliant creative people, many of who have designed some of the world’s most dynamic graphics and content.

The best part of HOW Design Live is four exclusive creative conference tracks – Creative Freelancer Conference, the Dieline Package Design Conference, InHOWse Managers Conference, as well as the HOW Design LIVE Conference.

Second, plan to leave this design conference with influential connections, new skills, and several hundred inspiring ideas (maybe even several thousand inspiring ideas!). And, third, don’t worry about a thing; the HOW Design LIVE Conference team has created something incredible for you. In fact, they’ve thought of everything:

  • √ Launch 2013 HOW Design Live event during a slow time of year so attendees have an easier time getting away – June 22 – 26, 2013 (check)
  • √ Make sure the location is easy to get to, has mild weather and exceptional scenery – San Francisco (check)
  • √ Secure speakers that are pioneers and leaders in the design industry (check)
  • √ Offer a really low, low, early bird rate (check – ends in March 15)
  • √ Develop educational sessions and attract top industry experts to lead them. (check)
  • √ Tie in package design inspiration; cultivate content for both a web design conference, a creative conference and a graphics design conference. Mix well. (check)

This year’s design conference features artwork and design from a sampling of HOW Design Live’ speaker line-up, graphic design experts in design community: Justin Ahrens, Jessica Walsh, Debbie Millman, Austin Kleon and many more.

Need more encouragement? Visit the website – —and enjoy new inspiration every time you refresh the page. Remember to register by March 15 for the biggest savings!