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When I learned I wouldn’t be able to make it to HOW Design Live in Boston this year, I was nigh inconsolable. During the conference, I spent my days wistfully reading my fellow editors’ blog and social media posts about it, jealous that they were hearing some of my heroes like Malcolm Gladwell, Aaron Draplin and Brian Wood speak.

500_HDLOnlineThus, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that the best of these incredible presentations would be available online AND I’d be able to chat with some of my heroes at HOW Design Live Online.

HOW Design Live Online includes the top 23 best videos recorded at the conference, as well as the opportunity to network with some of the speakers, up close and personal. The videos will be available June 9-22, and many of the speakers will be available to chat live online throughout that time.

HOW Design Live Online isn’t just for those of us who missed it, either. It was also created for people who missed sessions from their favorite speakers, or folks who want to follow up and ask the speakers questions about their presentations.

About HOW Design Live Online

In case you’re not familiar with the conference, HOW Design Live is the premiere event for designers, freelancers, in-house managers and other industry professionals. Creatives from all over the world come to find inspiration, learn new skills, advance their careers and develop their own businesses—opportunities you can’t find in one place anywhere else.

HOW Design Live Online offers all of that from the comfort of your home. You can access all of the videos any time and anywhere (with an Internet connection) during HOW Design Live Online. You’ll get to experience what makes HOW Design Live such an amazing event.

Registration gets you an all-access pass to the 23 video recordings and live chats with the speakers. There’s no set schedule and no predetermined order, so you can learn what you want when you want. You won’t have to choose between two speakers with simultaneous sessions.

Convenient and flexible, HOW Design Live Online eliminates the travel costs and parking hassles of the conference. You can watch and re-watch any of the sessions at any time throughout the two-week online event.

We have curated the sessions from the HOW Design Live events that we think represent the overall conference experience, meaning you’ll get the same inspiration and advice that you’d get from the event at a fraction of the price. Plus, online registration for this event saves you 64% off the price of purchasing all of the videos individually—the equivalent of 13 free videos.

You’ll watch sessions on web design, branding, in-house management, freelance design, typography, business practices, content strategy and design techniques.

Here are some of the highlights:

How to Start or Grow a Unique Biz, Passion or Idea with Little to No Start-Up Money with Johnny Cupcakes

Get an inside look at how the wild success of Johnny Cupcakes reinforces the power of details, experience and loyalty. Through his inspiring, and certainly unpredictable journey, Johnny exudes the fundamental connection between the person and the brand. Johnny’s presentation provides comprehensive blueprints for getting any small business, passion or idea off the ground, while also expanding the way existing creators think. Over the past decade Johnny Cupcakes, founded by speaker Johnny Earle, has grown from a “joke” to a multimillion dollar, highly exclusive t-shirt brand driven by a community of world-wide collectors. Johnny shares his story of how he took his t-shirt brand from the trunk of his rusty car at age 19, with a learning disability, to some of the world’s most sought after retail locations.

Responsive Website Design Made Easy with Brian Wood

Gain a better understanding of responsive design and learn how to effectively apply its principles to a WordPress site in this informative session with Brian Wood. In order to get the most out of the session, some basic WordPress knowledge is recommended. You’ll begin the session with a quick overview of responsive design, and then set up WordPress on a Mac so that you can create and preview right on your machine. Next, begin using existing responsive themes to start creating a dynamic site. By the end, you’ll have configured the site design for mobile, optimized the site menu and images, added a responsive slideshow and responsive video, and more. Along the way, you’ll learn best practices, tips and tricks, and pitfalls to avoid.

The Art of Artifacts: How to Use Graphic Treasures from the American Underbelly in Your Work with Aaron Draplin

Find a new source of inspiration for your design when you get a look deep inside the Draplin Design Co. way of junkin’, rescuing and championing the forgotten graphic treasures of America’s underbelly. Master techniques—booth loose and scientific—are offered up, as well as providing ideas for using artifacts in your work for the rest of your days. Don’t miss this one.

Register for HOW Design Live Online and check out more of the presenters here!

If you were a Big Ticket attendee at this year’s HOW Design Live please contact Lyn Menke to receive access to all conference videos.