Keeping Score

awardsVince Lombardi’s famous quote, If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score is as applicable in the business world as it is sports.

I won an Award of Excellence in Writing from American Business Media more than 10 years ago. I still note “award-winning writer” – on my bio and resume. It makes me feel great, because it provides me with a third -party endorsement and I have a silver Tiffany cup to prove it. If you think I’m bragging, you’re right. The article that won me that award is nowhere near my best work, but it gives me an odd security about my skills that nothing else does.

HOW and Print have competitions throughout the year, offering numerous ways to be acknowledged. Over the next four months, artists, illustrations and designers can submit their best work for logos, in-house creative team work and individual designs. The cost ranges from $45 for a logo entry, $70 for an individual entry in our international competition to $115 for an individual campaign for in-house designs. The fee is nominal compared to the industry I worked in before design, which was $300+ for each award entry.

A lot of companies have deleted the cost of entering awards out of their annual budgets. I think honoring the hard work of a team or individual is tantamount to motivating a group of often overworked and always under appreciated creatives. Individuals or freelancers should also take the time to enter their own work. Tooting your own horn is a great way to showcase your work on a global scale. Below are our current open competitions. You deserve consideration. Believe in your art!

Buffalo_BOS22012 HOW InHOWse Design Awards Best of Show
You don’t have to hear designer Ashley McCloud talk about what it’s like to witness the annual South Dakota Governor’s Buffalo Roundup. You simply have to turn the pages of the oversized brochure she created for the event to get a sense of the experience. See the Complete List.

2013CompetitionLogos_InHowseDEADLINE: JUNE 3, 2013 – HOW InHOWse Design Awards
HOW’s InHOWse Design Awards recognize the best creative work produced by designers working in corporations, associations and organizations, from corporate identity designs to sales collateral, point-of-purchase displays, employee communication, membership materials and more. ENTER NOW

PINTEREST_2-1502012 HOW Logo Design Award Winners
The logotype and badge mark are both flexible and work flawlessly across the intended applications. It’s one of those marks where you feel like a little bit of magic happened along the way. See 2012 Winners’ Gallery

2013CompetitionLogos_Logo_200x100pxDEADLINE: JULY 1, 2013 – HOW Logo Design Awards
HOW Logo Design Awards began in 2008 and has quickly erupted as a prestigious logo design contest that recognizes the best. This competition is judged by an industry leader who is well-regarded for stunning logo designs. ENTER NOW.

3-19_intlbestinshow1-1002012 HOW International Design Award – Best of Show
In 2010, the noted pastry chef Janice Wong, founder of Singapore’s 2am: dessertbar, spent 72 hours blindfolded, in an effort to sharpen her other senses. She writes in the book’s foreword: “Without my sight, my imagination was set free. I couldn’t see a thing, but I could see everything.” See Complete List of 2012 Winners.

2013CompetitionLogos100_IntlDEADLINE AUGUST 15, 2013 – HOW International Design Awards
HOW International Design Awards recognizes excellence on a global scale. Our international design competition is the only competition that prominently showcases winners in its award-winning magazine. Winners span the globe. ENTER NOW.