Learn How to Build a Responsive WordPress Site

500x500_BldgResponsiveWebsites-WPKnowing how to build a responsive website is crucial in a time when about two-thirds of all of web content is viewed from a mobile device or tablet. Learn to take advantage of this burgeoning web design trend with Jesse Friedman’s HOW Design University course, Building Responsive Websites with WordPress.

Did you know that WordPress is the most widely used and popular CMS available on the web? Roughly 20-25% of all new websites are built using the WordPress platform.

In Building Responsive Websites with WordPress, you’ll learn how to manage and maintain a responsive WordPress site.

The next instance of the course begins on April 28, so register for Building Responsive Website with WordPress today!

Jesse will teach you about responsive web design and best practices, exploring in-depth techniques for designing and building your ideal responsive site. He’ll also explore the best technology for responsive web design and show you how to design websites that are dynamic and compelling using pre-made themes.

In this course, you’ll learn how to implement tools and strategies that will give you and your clients greater control over content.

Using specific examples of successful responsive WordPress sites, Jessie will show you how to maintain responsive WordPress themes long after they are deployed.

He’ll dive into the ways he uses these tools and strategies to create dynamic, real-world web environments that respond to the user’s device and landscape.

You’ll walk away from this online course with actionable tools you can use right away for your own designs or for clients’ websites.

Learn how to build a responsive WordPress site that caters to each user’s needs

This course builds on Jesse’s first course, 28 Days to Your First WordPress Site, so previous WordPress experience and a good understanding of HTML, CSS and some JavaScript are required.

Intermediate-level web designers with a bit of WordPress experience will perfect their art with this course. Marketing professionals and creative entrepreneurs will also benefit from Jesse’s course.

With Jesse’s help, you’ll learn the best practices of how to build a responsive WordPress site, as well as how to manage and maintain responsive WordPress themes. You’ll master the best techniques for understanding your mobile user and their web experience. You’ll also learn to customize a user’s experience through functional content and real time modifications.

If you want to learn how to build responsive WordPress sites, this course is for you! Register for Building Responsive Websites with WordPress today!

jesse-friedman-instructorJesse Friedman is an experienced Web Developer, Professor at Johnson & Wales University and the Director of Web Development for Neal Advertising. When Jesse isn’t working he’s enjoying life with his family in Rhode Island. Look for Jesse’s book on WordPress coming out Aug 2012 by New Riders under their “Voices that Matter” series.

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  1. Hemang Rindani

    Nice article. For growing businesses it is important to have a responsive website that provides a pleasant user experience. WordPress comes with various tools that creates an interactive web design. To design an engaging web page use responsive short codes within the framework. WordPress is also capable of delivering a responsive mobile friendly websites.