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Is your freelance life calm or chaotic? If it’s chaotic, is that because you’ve chosen to live it that way? If calm, the question is the same. Work and life have been merging for years. So, let ’em. Because technology finally supports it. Because work today demands it. Because earning a living now often requires it. And because you’re a freelancer, you can.

Unlike millions of traditional employees, being in control of your time is a huge reason people love freelancing. But how do you manage the line between work and life?

In the second installment of our new quarterly online event series, “Strategies for Creative Freelancers,” the focus is Work/Life Balance and freelance design tips. We’ll address the elusive issues relevant to everyone whose line between work and life is blurry, including:

  • Traveling while working
  • Parenting while freelancing
  • Tools to make your work easier
  • How do you do your day?
  • Balancing the work you love, with the life you want
  • Juggling the demands of live and work while simultaneously expanding creative skills
  • Dealing with roadblocks and rejections along the way
  • And as a permanent feature of these quarterly events, we’ll hear about 2 new “passion projects”:


One of the goals of these online quarterly events is to address your whole freelance life, not just the “work” part, since it all bleeds together. PLUS, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from fellow creative freelancers, graphic designers and creative entrepreneurs who are full of freelance design tips.

So please join us January 30th for “Strategies for Creative Freelancers – Winter 2014,” Your registration includes a one-day all-access pass to content in 4 tracks (11 total sessions), Each track includes live webinars and/or videos, the opportunity to participate in live chats via a discussion board and a chance to network with fellow creative freelancers and experts on topics that will help you balance your life and empower you and your freelance business.

2014eCalCover125Registration also includes a FREE COPY of Ilise Benun’s 2014 Marketing Plan + eCalendar for creative professionals (a $39 value)!

This simple, entirely downloadable marketing plan + eCalendar will tell you exactly what to do every day — to balance your work/life without overwhelming you or your calendar. Includes: a 21-page pdf downloadable document that explains simply and clearly the 4 best marketing tools for creative professionals and how to use them, a weekly marketing checklist (a handy cheat sheet of how to use the tools – literally, what to do each day of the week), an electronic calendar that syncs with your iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook and pops up every day with your marketing task, Marketing Mentor’s Stay-on-Track Spreadsheet and much more!

In the Winter event, sessions include:

  • Freelancing Around the World with Mark Powers: Mark will talk about how he has developed and manages multiple income streams doing something most people imagine you couldn’t possibly make a living at – and he does it while traveling the world. Warning: this lifestyle isn’t for everyone but aspects of it can be adapted to anyone’s life — if you dare.
  • Surviving the Freelancing Mother-lode with Desiree Walsh Spencer: In the ever-present struggle to be both a good mother and a good designer, Desiree has developed effective time and project management strategies for her life and work. She will share her best practices for working productively from home and describe the way she’s “fire-walled” work and family while operating both from the same space.
  • What the heck is “work/life balance” anyway? — Q&A interview with Freelance Writer Tom Tumbusch. As a freelancer, Tom believes he has the freedom — no, the right — to be unavailable and he’s put a number of boundaries in place to keep his work from eating his personal life alive. This entertaining conversation will address issues such as:
    • Does work/life balance actually exist? If so, what are the components…and where does it start?
    • How being so mobile affects work/life balance
    • How to set boundaries and expectations, both at home and with clients
    • Overcoming the fear of setting boundaries
    • Using technology as a tool that promotes your balanced lifestyle (instead of making you a slave to connectivity)
  • A Little Marketing Every Day Goes a Long Way. Your life can’t possibly be balanced if your work pipeline is empty, because then you’re taking everything that comes along which puts you at the mercy of inevitably less-than-ideal clients or projects. To get off that roller coaster, you need a simple marketing plan and you’ll get one as part of this online event. In this live half hour presentation (Jan 30th @ 5pm ET) followed by live Q&A, Ilise Benun will give an overview of what to do every day of the week to keep your pipeline full and your work/life balanced.
  • Getting Your Back Office On Track for 2014 with Donna Olah-Reiken of Preferred Small Business Solutions. If you don’t have your back office set up properly, that can wreak havoc on both your work and your life. In this live Q&A interview (Jan 30th @ 7pm ET), Donna will outline all the elements of your back office that need to be in place to create a strong foundation for a smooth work/life. These elements include:
    • taxes, bookkeeping and accounting
    • contracts, agreements and proposals
    • insurance and computer back up systems and more
  • How do you do your day? An open discussion on the nitty gritty of day-to-day lives of the self employed, whether you work from home, a co-working space or on site for a client. All topics are fair game – we’ll talk about awareness of personal rhythms, making sure you eat (and not taking excessive fridge breaks), how and when to take breaks and other details that 9-5ers take for granted.
  • And as a permanent feature of these quarterly events, we’ll hear about 2 new “passion projects”:
    • Designer, Jenny Poff of Presque Isle Designs, will share how she conceived and grew her memorial fundraising golf tournament and how it’s unexpectedly helped her grow her design business.
    • Illustrator (and Intrepid Entrepreneur), Cedric Hohnstadt, on how he used Kickstarter to raise almost double his goal to fund Sparkbook, a supercharged sketchbook.
  • PLUS, 4 bonus track sessions from the HOW Design Conference!

All of these presentations are downloadable so you can watch them at any time – so join us January 30!* All of this for only $99 when you use this special promo code: CFWIN2014.

Who Should Attend?

  • Moonlighting freelancers
  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • In-house designers who may one day go freelance
  • New freelancers who aren’t sure if they can make freelancing work
  • Current freelancers who want to take their business to the next level

We hope you’ll join us for the second installment in this new series that features a wide variety of freelance design tips. And if you have learned something you’d like to share with your fellow freelancers, let us know – we’re always on the lookout for presenters in the 2014 program. Just email Ilise Benun (Co-founder of the Creative Freelancer Conference; Founder of


*Live event takes place January 30, but all registered attendees will have one week of additional access time to download all presentations and continue conversations on the message board.