McDonald’s Apologizes for Ad

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Graphic design is not for the faint of heart. In addition to being an expert on color, layout and type, graphic designers are required to use the copy presented to them by the client or a marketing team. If the copy offends or causes a nationwide scandal, the incredible graphic design goes unnoticed much like the recent uproar over a McDonald’s ad in Singapore.

In an effort to engage hungry Singaporeans, McDonald’s Singapore placed an ad in The Straits Times, the most widely read newspaper in Singapore, using a play on words – “Today’s Peak Sauce Index is Looking Deliciously High.”

McDonald’s PSI was referring to Asia’s Pollutant’s Standards Index (PSI). Unfortunately, it was published in The Straits Times last Thursday, June 20th when Singapore was enduring one of its worst PSI days ever. By Friday, “the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) hit 401 – the highest in Singapore’s history,” said BBC Asia. The ad was not only criticized for bad taste, even the newspaper that earned McDonald’s Ad dollars appeared to weigh in on the scandal. McDonald’s Singapore’s spokesperson has since apologized for the ad.

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