My Hobby?

gonefishing200What do I like to do in my free time? Write. What do I do for a living? Write. And you, what’s your hobby? (I already know the answer). Creative people don’t stop creating when they leave work. They don’t stop designing on the weekends. When was the last time you had a good night sleep? Creative brains don’t rest. Can you imagine what the HOW Design Live Conference will be like next week? Do they really need hotel rooms?

Creative people have that invisible handshake, the secret (unsaid) password that provides entrance into a world of imagination and purpose. Unfortunately, because we essentially are what we do, we forget that professionally it’s important to map out our careers. Yes, you will always be creative, but will you always be an art director? Would you like to run a creative team? Start your own design firm? The Creative Group offers some great tips on setting long-term and short-term goals that will help you map out your career objectives. Creative minds often get distracted, because…we like to…but our careers shouldn’t be hindered because of it. Make a map. Stick to it and reevaluate it annually. You might be surprised at how far you’ve come and the great opportunities you encountered on your journey.

graphicdesignexercisesIs Your Cerebrum Getting Flabby?

Need to let out a little creative energy? Jessica Glaser and Carolyn Knight know the feeling. They collaborated on the Graphic Design Exercise Book and it really provides an incredible workout. Your mind is no different than your muscles. It also needs to be exercised and toned to stay fit. Glaser and Knight offer: Creative Assignments to Enhance Your Skills and Develop Your Portfolio, a series of challenging design briefs in nearly all areas of design including: Packaging Design, Identity and Branding, Designing Layouts, Creating Graphics for Specific Industries (Such as Music), Interactive Design and more. The sale price is just $19.89, 34% off retail! Need some heavy lifting. Click Here.