New UX Design Course from Patrick McNeil

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UX design is holistic approach to web design, optimizing every aspect of interaction with an interactive web design for a great user experience.

Learning the multifaceted UX design process and its broad range of applications can be a challenge. If you’re a UX designer who wants to expand your UX toolbox and skill set, you’ll be thrilled to take expert interactive designer Patrick McNeil’s course Wireframes and Prototypes for Interactive Design.

This UX design course course is for intermediate-level web designers who know a bit about the process, but want to learn more about ways to improve their user-centered web designs. Anyone who took Intro to UX Design will find that Wireframes and Prototypes for Interactive Design is a great next step that builds on what Patrick covered—but it’s not necessary if you didn’t take the intro course.

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I’m particularly excited about the course because I’ve been developing my UX design skills. But don’t take my word for it. Patrick prepared a preview video so you can see what he’ll cover in the course:

Create Wireframes and Prototypes for App Design, Web Design and More!

This four-week, hands on UX design course will immerse you in the user experience design process, exploring wireframing and prototyping in depth.

The course will provide you with a strong, comprehensive look at the building blocks and processes of wireframing, prototyping and other UX Design processes so that you can see how the pieces fit together. If you want to conduct user research, usability testing and create a solid interface design, this course is the place to start.

Wireframes and Prototypes for Interactive Design incorporates the concepts of visual design, information architecture, interactivity, and usability. In the course, you’ll examine structure, access, search functions and other aspects of human-computer interaction (HCI), as well as the ways your wireframes and prototypes can help you optimize these functions. With the knowledge from this course, you can create a sleek, compelling user experience that will please clients and users alike.

You’ll learn the best way to incorporate interactivity to provide your users with the best experience possible. You’ll dive into wireframing and prototyping and learn all sorts of design solutions for a diverse range of experience. Students will also examine user experience testing, best practices and the process of completing your UX design.

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