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Online Web Design CoursesNew Web Designer. No Experience. Great Rates.
If you work in design, you most likely work on the web or, at the very least, your work is added to the web on websites and in social media spaces. Even if you don’t plan to make web design a niche focus of your career, educating yourself about it is necessary. It’s not just about the pages or how you place photos and text, visitors access pages from thousands of different devices and hundreds of different platforms. Today, web design is about the experience, so it’s important to learn how users touch each part of a website in order to be a good web designer. HOW Design University has several online web design courses available, many bundled as collections at special rates.

Getting Started in Web Design Ultimate Collection consists of four products for beginners to learn basic information about web design. The first is Online Web Design CoursesPrinciples of Web Design, an independent study course developed by Patrick McNeil. Created as a four-week workshop, this is for beginners with very limited or no knowledge of web design. When completed, students will know the language of the web, the technological framework of a website, how to transfer design skills to online resources, and what next steps need to be acted upon to build even better sites.

Online Web Design CoursesAnother addition to this collection is Web Design for Beginners, a 4-Part Series of DesignCasts developed by Patrick McNeil specifically for print designers new to web design. In this series, students learn basic coding skills and web design techniques. They are also introduced to the rules and conventions of web design.

The third item in the Getting Started in Web Design Ultimate Collection is Scott Parker’s, Online Web Design Courses“The Web Designer’s 101 Most Important Decisions: Professional Secrets of a Winning Website.” Like the name promises, over 100 practical tips on web designing with examples that you can put into action are easily found inside this book. Parker not only provides his own best practices, he includes tips and tricks from other designers, giving rich, diversified instructional tips for creating a winning website.

Online Web Design CoursesThe Designer’s Web Handbook also written by Patrick McNeil, was specifically created to help designers understand components of web design including headers and tabs, footers and focal points. It is the perfect reference tool to compliment this Ultimate Collection and also includes plan development, specifications and how to track performance.

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mds_layoutwebsiteuc-500In addition to the Getting Started in Web Design Ultimate Collection, 500x500_uxdesign_1 has opened the vault and added a limited number of collections that can also be purchased in the online store. It’s ourBestsellers for Collections! Who can forget: How to Lay out a Website Ultimate Collection or UX Design Ultimate Collection. Become invaluable. Get promoted. Gain some new skills. Visit to view the many collections available. CLICK HERE.