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Mastering a Communication Plan To Get a Client’s OK

Wading into the business side of graphic design means finding a way to communicate effectively with clients.  When approaching a client with a design direction, a few homework items must be completed before you can determine how to persuasively deliver your message. Start off by rigorously researching the client to gauge their goals, intentions, bottom line and audience. With...


Creative Anarchy: Design Rules Were Made to Be Broken

“There are no shortcuts to a great design concept. You must read, research, explore, innovate and create.” A must-have for every designer’s bookshelf, Denise Bosler’s new book Creative Anarchy enlightens the reader on the importance of understanding design rules and knowing when to break them. (If you experienced the barbaric yawp in her 2015 HOW Design Live...


Photos from the HOW Design Live Instagram Contest

As you may have known, we ran our first-ever Instagram contest at HOW Design Live this year! Users entered by submitting photos with hashtag #HOWMoments, and we selected winners based on visual appeal, creativity, and general HOW awesomeness! It was definitely a challenge choosing the best photos from all of the amazing HOW Moments we saw,...