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Meet Global Trend Forecaster Sem Devillart

How do you know when a trend is about to change? How do you pinpoint what the next trend will be? We recently interviewed the global trend forecaster Sem Devillart on this subject. And the conversation was simply fascinating. In our conversation, Devillart discusses the way she applies cultural analysis, design research and brand...


Don’t Miss the Early Bird Deadline for HOW Design Live!

You simply can’t afford to miss HOW Design Live this year—and you simply can’t miss the Early-Bird registration deadline on April 19! Save up to $200—if you register RIGHT NOW. Of course you’ll want some time to browse this year’s incredible agenda of speakers and sessions, and to design your own customized HOW Design Live...


Design Sweepstakes: How To Win

Are you brainstorming ways to win over the broad range of demographics in the world of college marketing? Running out of ideas on how to connect with a prospective student? Are you wooing donors successfully into funding scholarships and programs? If you’re searching for a solid framework to help address these questions, then we...