Politics and Art

i-love-new-york-logoLast week, Print magazine’s well-known columnist, Steven Heller, published a poster on his blog created by Milton Glaser called SHAME after the U.S. Senate defeated the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey Amendment to extend background checks. Glaser is best known for his iconic “I heart New York” logo and his 1966 poster of Bob Dylan.

Politics aside, the first thing that struck me was the image of Senator Harry Reid right in the middle of the Republicans. What? Glaser did what he does best, a clean uncorrupted image that does not included gratuitous images of guns, victims or stats on violence. It is simply a poster with the names and images of the 46 ‘nays’ and one word – SHAME.

How would you have done this? Would you have included pictures of the victims?


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