Hear from the Man who Transformed Product Packaging Design

nutrition factsInformation is power. Burkey Belser is the designer behind the most ubiquitous designs in American culture today and a fixture in product packaging design. In 1978, Belser became part of the environmental movement when he created the bright yellow Energy Guide labels prominently displayed on our household appliances. He would later go on to design the Nutrition Facts and Drug Facts labels required on all products sold in America. It was arduous work that required hours of combing through thousands of pages of legislation to ensure that required information was included.

Designer Burkey Belser

Designer Burkey Belser

Join us on September 5 at 2pm ET as HOW International Design Awards presents an afternoon with Burkey Belser, a free webinar with live online Q&A available at the end of the event. He will discuss the history of his iconic work and talk about what awards and honors did to get him noticed throughout his career:

“We have a budget and a well-defined strategy for competitions. Last year, we culled the list which had grown like topsy so we could focus on the most prestigious contests, which include HOW and PRINT, as well as competitions in industry verticals where we have traction. As a beginner, contests were critical in launching my career. In fact, awards are rocket fuel for the beginning designer.”

Energy Guide
In the U.S. Government’s, “Energy Efficiency Policy in the United States: Overview of Trends at Different Levels of Government,” the home (buildings) are cited as consuming “40% of U.S. primary energy, including 72% of U.S. electricity consumption and 36% of natural gas consumption.” It was the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 that legislated mandatory comparative labeling and Belser created the design. The label below is a later version of the label. The Energy Star program was not added until 1992.

energy guide