Psst! We Have a Gift for You – Time and Experience

If you’re like me, the past decade has been nothing short of very, very cool. Today, an idea can come to life in a day, not a month and a concept can be executed personally then distributed to potentially millions in a matter of weeks. Even more stimulating, is the fact I can create a blog, video, podcast, website, logo, multimedia presentation and cultivate a community of like-minded professionals on any number of social platforms. Life is good. Unfortunately, it’s also moving faster than I can keep up. The potential to have creative super powers is innumerable – new apps, powerful platforms and insider advice – but I’m always running up against that pesky enemy of creative inspiration – time. If only I had more of it.

Obviously, we can’t stop the pace of time, but imagine being able to stop it for a few days. Well, sort of. For five days in June – the 22nd through the 26th – HOW Design Live 2013 brings together the greatest minds in design to provide education, training and networking necessary to be competitive in today’s marketplace. Four graphic design conferences – HOW Design Conference, Creative Freelancer Conference, The Dieline Package Design Conference, and the InHOWse Managers Conference – personal case studies, and important connections makes these five days in June the most important career investment you can make. Did I mention it’s in San Francisco?

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Sharpening your design skills is no longer a luxury; it’s crucial to your career or your business. Invest in your future and sign up now while the early bird rates are still in effect. You deserve this.

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