I Did It! They Like Me!

shutterstock_110592482Most of our lives are spent working hard and creating amazing art, stories and promotions for our clients. It’s not just a living, it’s part of our internal make-up. Some can remember the first time we sold a piece of art or got paid to do a logo or marketing materials. Each completion moved us to another challenge or goal where we created something new that didn’t exist before.

To honor these collective genius’, and there are many, our sister publication, Print, launched the Regional Design Annual competition in 1981. Winners are published in the annual which ultimately serves as the ultimate coffee table book for the creative person. Each page showcases the best in design and it is separated by region.

It’s time for you to be included in the art and graphic industry’s most prestigious book. You’ve earned a chance. Join the honorees in the Regional Design Annual this year. The Deadline is March 1st. If you still think you can’t compete, remember what Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”

Take the shot. Click here.