Ready, Set, Go, Now to HOW DESIGN LIVE

mapThe roadmap to success has numerous stops along the way. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get distracted and, either fail to reach an important goal, or simply slow to a dead stop.

Each year, HOW Design LIVE brings together the world’s most prolific writers, freelancers, designers, creatives, branders and more. The staff reaches out to icons in the industry who share their insight from everything to realizing a dream to finally achieving the job they worked years to acquire. HOW Design LIVE is a Design Conference, the Creative Freelancer Conference, the Dieline Package Design Conference and the inHOWse Managers’ Conference. Over five days – June 22-26 – in San Francisco, thousands of your colleagues and peers to meet, learn and share.

At least one amazing thing will come out of attendance at HOW Design LIVE. 

If the cost is holding you back, sign up before tomorrow to receive the early bird rate. Use HOWENL coupon code for an addition $50 off an individual full conference ticket. HOW Design LIVE remains one of the best business connected conferences for all creatives. Attendance is a big part of a success road map since meeting many of the speakers and attendees would be nearly impossible any other day either because of location or overwhelming daily business commitments.

HOW Design Live has a vested interested seeing designers, branders and creative directors succeed. The show alternates each year from east, west to the Midwest so that as many people can attend as possible. So, if you’re stalled on your road to success, get in the car and get going. Go meet the industry leaders and network with like-minded peers. Thomas Edison once said that “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

HOW Design LIVE is an enormous opportunity. It will constitute hard work and require attention and focus. But, when you leave on June 26th. You will leave far greater than the person you were when you arrived. I promise.


Now go. Let nothing stop you. No matter what.