Recap: How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert

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T5788On Wednesday, brand strategy gurus Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach will present a live design tutorial on How to Talk About Branding, their third webinar in a series on becoming a true branding expert.

In this one-hour webinar on developing branding to build your graphic design business, Ed and Marcia will explore the basics of mastering initial conversations to interest the clients you want to work with. You’ll learn how to gain respect and credibility by helping clients and prospects with their own pressing business challenges, while opening the door to the complete kind of high-revenue-producing branding programs Marcia and Ed recommend.

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This webinar is the third in their series on building your business with branding. Last month, Marcia and Ed presented How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert (Even If You’ve Never Done it Before). The previous month, they tackled Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding (and How to Fix Them). You can download both of their previous brand strategy tutorials OnDemand at

Here’s a brief look at some of the tips they covered in How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert (Even If You’ve Never Done it Before) so you’ll be ready for Wednesday’s webinar.

500x500dt-bradingexpert_1How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert (Even If You’ve Never Done It Before)

So you’ve designed logos before. You’re great at brand strategy and brand identity.

But if you know how to design logos and create effective brands, why stop short of giving your clients a little extra level of service by positioning yourself as a branding expert?

That’s not to say that you should present yourself inauthentically. On the contrary, you should always be authentic, but if you’re already building strong brands, you already have the expertise you need to show your clients that you’re an authority in your field.

As Marcia said, many designers worry that they will lose clients if they focus solely on branding.

“The beauty of it is, clients are very interested in branding—the high-level clients you want to work with,” Marcia said. “Once you get them in the door with branding, they want to do all their graphic design work with you.”

It’s much easier to interest someone in branding because branding has so much to do with their reputation. Most clients are not that interested in talking about graphic design; it’s much harder to position yourself in graphic design because clients often don’t realize that they need graphic design. But nearly all clients understand that they need a strong brand.

So how do you position yourself as an expert who can help clients with their brand strategy?

“Clients view a lack of confidence as a lack of competence,” Marcia said.

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As artists, graphic designers often feel that people should be able to see how excellent their work is, and that it should be able to stand on its own.

Sometimes less qualified designers will get work simply because they show confidence, so it’s important to be able to brag a bit about your work. You can’t just show work; you have to exude confidence to show clients how great your brand strategy has worked and what it’s done for your clients. Your confidence will bolster your presentation as an expert.

Narrow your positioning.

Ed advises designers to own your design niche so that you can narrow your work down to your biggest moneymaker.

“I get [clients] in the door with branding, and then I branch them out to my other services,” Ed says.

Once a client has seen your excellent branding and positioning work, Ed says every one of them will ask you to help them launch the strategy you’ve put together. Then you can open them up to other services you offer and become their go-to brand designer.

Occupying a niche also helps you eliminate a ton of competition because you become an expert a very specific skill set that is in high demand in the marketplace.

This is only a brief look at some of the topics Marcia and Ed covered in the webinar. Check out the whole webinar by downloading How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert (Even If You’ve Never Done it Before) OnDemand at

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