Remembering Boston

bostonmarathon2As the week comes to a close, Boston remains in our hearts and minds. The attack on runners and spectators at this year’s Boston Marathon strikes at the core of the human spirit. To put it in perspective, in order to even run in the marathon, each of the participants had to have completed a marathon and earned a qualifying time set by the organizers based on their age. Every single runner had to earn their spot, gained through achieving their personal best by working hard, sacrificing and believing in their own possibilities.

Runners at the Boston Marathon, like runners everywhere, were from every socioeconomic background, male and female, old and young, diverse in their background and ethnicity. The sidelines were filled with well-wishers and loved ones cheering them on and supporting their efforts. Throughout the race, thousands of onlookers lined the route, some with no connection to any runner, yet couldn’t help to add their own calls of encouragement.

So as the week comes to a close, we honor the three victims, the supporters, the organizers, the emergency service personnel, and the runners for reminding us every year about goals, possibilities and personal achievement. The Boston Marathon will always remain just that.

Here’s to those who dare to aspire. We’ll see you next year.