Responsive Web Design for Dummies

confusedDummies must be incredibly smart. During my last trip to the bookstore, I collided with dozens of books in which publishers felt it necessary to market to my low self-esteem with titles that included “for Dummies,” “Made Easy” and “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to…” When it comes to technology or website platforms, even these books have me stumped.

In order for me to learn something as daunting as web codes, I need a live teacher that I can ask questions and get critiques on my work. In fact, I moderate our design webcasts and learn more in 60 minutes of listening and viewing presentations, than I do reading an entire book.

Last year, I bought WordPress for Beginners. I had a WordPress blog already, but I felt that I could do a little more. I still haven’t gotten past the first 10 pages. Now Responsive Web Design (RWD) is trending extremely high and tech gurus like Pete Cashmore with Mashable are saying that 2013 is the year of RWD.

The chances of me implementing RWD into my WordPress blog is zero….Unless I opt for a live course. On May 13th, technology expert Jesse Friedman will teach a live one hour course on Maintaining Responsive Integrity with WordPress. WordPress is the number one blogging system on the web with over 60 million sites using wordpressdesigntutorial-500its platform. What’s the difference between Responsive Web Design and Responsive Integrity?

Responsive Integrity is your site’s promise to your visitor when he or she accesses it via a mobile device. The challenge in keeping your content and images responsive is difficult if others post and don’t follow the important codes or protocols such as ensuring images, photos videos and other media displays correctly. Friedman also shows attendees how to test post and page displays for multiple mobile devices and how to take advantage of WordPress plugins.

But that’s not all: Each participant will receive a coupon for $49.99 from HOW Design University, good toward Friedman’s LIVE Building Responsive Websites with WordPress, course  making Maintaining Responsive Integrity essentially free.

To register, visit HOW Design University.