DEALS & STEALS: Design Tutorials

It’s a great time to be alive for anyone who works in the creative field! The wheels of innovation have yet to slow down on new media, cool technology and my favorite – apps. Designers and creative strategists have a toolbox of items that can be built in a day and involve just one or two skilled professionals, not several departments which was once the case. The reason is more platforms and new technologies continue to enter the creative space. Do you take time for continued learning? If so, design tutorials at are part of the January sale event with design products marked up to 50% off!

So, if you have been trying to upgrade your skill set in branding, web design, infographics, logo design, typography, app development, usability testing, integrating social media, Google Analytics, digital magazine publishing, marketing, Twitter, WordPress, content strategy, client acquisition, prospect mining, color trends and information design, just to name a few, check out the newly launched sales at

Become an expert. Enjoy the learning. Enhance your value. Continued education for up to 50% off!


*image via Shutterstock