Shhh…The Truth About Social Media

informationsh2Social Media is not exactly social, nor is it media. Sure, we connect online and interact, but we are protected to some degree by an electronic fence we call our computer. Interaction is impersonal and often limited to 140 characters, instead of a full-bodied exchange of ideas.

What is social media? A complex communications tool. If you understand its capabilities, it can be your most powerful ally in building an influential network of connected professionals, but first, you need a game plan.

The Game Plan

‘Information Superhighway’ is a term that has gone out of favor, but 500x500_socialmediait still most accurately describes the power of the Internet. You can use it to travel for business or pleasure. As a professional, consider yourself a traveling salesperson. This interstate has off-roads that lead to profitable locations where your products or services are wanted and even desperately needed, but some roads lead to dead-ends. Successful navigation requires a map with cheat codes that will allow you to decipher the signs to direct you to profitable locations.

The Social Media for Graphic Designers’ Collection is that map with seasoned travelers leading each program, providing useful advice and inspiration. The collection includes six OnDemand Design Tutorials at nearly 80% percent off the retail price. Each digital download offers a full introduction with tips and strategies on how to navigate and design your own successful social plan.
asset.facebook.logo.lgTim Pederson’s 5 Ways to Use Social Marketing to Build Your (and Your Clients’) Business will help to set your destination by determining specific social media goals then building a strategic plan to realize those goals. Sales, branding, networking are all worthy possibilities. Setting a destination and following the map will determine whether you will be successful or just spin your wheels.

Willo O’Brien weeds through the opportunities of two of social media’s top platforms –Twitter for Creative twitter_logoEntrepreneurs and Using Facebook to Take Your Business to the Next Level This program teaches designers how to promote their work, establish themselves as thought leaders as well as how to engage with influential industry groups and potential clients.


linkedin_logo_11Ilise Benun’s OnDemand Design Tutorial asks,“Are You Getting Clients Through LinkedIn?”  LinkedIn is a destination location for desginers to essentially set up their store and tout their skills and successes. It is a search destination for recruiters and an incredible way to meet and discuss how to break out as a superstar in the design industry.

Jeff Fisher’s Using Social Media as a (Free!) Marketing Tool and Paul Boag’s Effectively Integrate Social Media with your Website will strengthen the connection between designer and community and open up new avenues for introductions.

Social Media for Graphic Designers’ Collection is six hours of social design information for building personal brands, cultivating an influential community and communicating personal talents and skills. It is the most powerful guide for designers interested in mapping out a social model for success.


Social Celebrities Hit How Design Live’s Red Carpet

The technology era was made for creatives. HOW Design Live is just three weeks away and the list of well-known social design celebrities is long. In addition to Patrick McNeil, Johnny Cupcakes, Debbie Millman, Ilise Benun and Christian Helms, just to name a few, there are hundreds, even thousands of speakers and attendees ready to share how they use social media.

Print your social URLs on your business cards and cultivate powerful connections. There’s still time tor register!