Spring Pantone Sale Ends Friday – Up to $100 Off All Products!


Color matching and selection can be a time-consuming and pricey process. To get more bang for your buck, the Spring Pantone Sale to $100 off every single Pantone product available at MyDesignShop.com—including the recently-released Pantone Plus Series—through Friday, May 16. You don’t even need a coupon code!

The Pantone Plus Series features extensive updates, including 84 brand new colors and special Artist Edition covers. It includes mobile apps, software, wireless devices and cloud services that ensure accurate color communication, inspiration and reproduction in today’s globally connected economy. Incorporating the best of both analog and digital workflows, Pantone Plus is the most technologically advanced color communication system available.

COY2014Released in March, the recently-added color range includes Pantone 2352, which a closer match to the 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. It also features clean, vibrant blues, greens and violets that fill holes in the former color range, as well as blushes and pinks that are perfect for the Beauty market. These colors are included in the Pantone Plus Series Solid Color publications, Formula Guides and Color Bridge Coated and Uncoated.

Check out the money-saving bundled collections of Pantone Plus Series products, now available for up to $100 off during the spring Pantone sale. A customer favorite, the Pantone Plus Series Solid Color Set offers graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers all of Pantone’s solid colors in both fan guide and chips formats.

Keep up with a growing demand for specialty colors with specific color guides for Neons, Pastels and Metallics. In each guide, you’ll find hundreds of chromatically arranged colors to add vibrancy to your designs. Each guide also includes design software, ink mixing formulas, a light evaluation tool, and text weight paper is included to match popular print specifications.

Check out the entire collection at MyDesignShop.com. All products are up to $100 off through Friday, May 16!

Convert CMYK to Pantone

It’s important for graphic designers to know how to convert CMYK to Pantone (and vice versa). Odds are, you’ve run into this problem before, perhaps when a client is relying on you to ensure color branding based on company style guides.

As you probably know, that conversion is not an exact science, but there are several Pantone products that can help make Pantone to CMYK conversion manageable. After all, color is more than a shade or a color space. A Pantone color chart for CMYK can help you ensure complete accuracy in color reproduction.

T4370-500Check out the Pantone Plus Series Formula Guide in coated or uncoated, the first step to Pantone CMYK conversion. Arranged chromatically, the guide shows the results of coated and uncoated stocks and a lighting indicator tool late to help you ensure that your lighting conditions are ideal for color matching and selection. You’ll also receive Pantone Color Manager Software, which you can download for free when you register the product.

There are many more options to help you with color matching, including the Pantone Plus Series Essential Color Bridge. See the full collection of Pantone products at MyDesignShop.com to take advantage of this sale and get up to $100 off all products with the spring Pantone sale.