14 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Designs


With Earth Day on the horizon, we elected to showcase some amazing sustainable designs. From cool eco-friendly packages to product designs to print designs, artists are creating innovative designs with limited environmental impact.

View the creative eco-friendly designs below.

14 Inventive Sustainable Designs

Microgarden Kit
by Tomorrow Machine for Infarm

Tommorow Machine designed this awesome sustainable package for the start up Infarm. The material acts as a greenhouse, allowing you to grow plants inside the package.


Little Ones Sustainable Mixed Powder Paint
by Elita Jingfang Chen

The paint packaging is made from recycled materials and is meant to be reused.

littleones-1 littleones-2 littleones3

How Paper is Made Infographic
by Two Sides

“Designed to bust myths about paper production, and about other forest products, the new infographic reveals that in North America less than 36% of the annual timber harvest is directly used for paper and paperboard. In fact, most trees are harvested to make lumber and other solid wood products essential for construction, such as building homes and furniture.” – Two Sides


Wedding Invitation
by Katrin Kohl

“The paper that has been used for the project is called »Crush« by Favini. It is eco-friendly and contains residues from organic materials (olives and kiwi in that case), which matched perfectly to the spirit of this rustic wedding.” – Katrin Kohl



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Sufi – Eco Coffee Packaging Design
by Ada Weel Olsen

“Sufi is a eco friendly coffee brand. A high quality coffee that will be available in three different styles: 100% Arabic bio, 100% Arabic Decaf bio, and Espresso bio. The flow-pack is silver to be more exclusive, but also it preserves the coffee better than if it been transparent. Therefore it matches their values to be eco-friendly and fair-traded.” – Ada Weel Olsen


“Instead of typical brown recyclable paper, I choose 100% black recyclable paper. Black is more exclusive and matches the values of the arabic tasty and strong coffee. It also different from other fair trade coffee, and look more exclusive.” – Ada Weel Olsen


Al Rifai Re-packaging
by Afra AlSammahi

A package redesign using eco-friendly materials.

alrifai-2 alrifai3

Swing Microbrewery Packaging
by Simon Langlois

“The label is composed of strips of different coloured birch that criss-cross to represent the blend of cultures that make up Quebec’s identity today. The information was printed on a label then attached by a braided twine made up using the traditional colors of Quebec’s arrow belt.” – Simon Langlois

canada canada2 canada3


If you are curious as to how to create your own sustainable design, the book Green Graphic Design by Brian Dougherty is a fantastic resource. It’s fully illustrated and packed with case studies of green design implementation.


Wooden Toy Gallery
by Raminta Vas

The Wooden Toy Gallery’s mission is to be as eco-friendly as possible while producing long lasting products. They hired Raminta Vas to create their catalog that embraces the eco-friendly spirit.

wooden-gallery1 wooden-gallery2 wooden-gallery3

Christmas Self-Promotional Gift
by Zero

“We hope that our clients can enjoy the gift while turning the package in to a wish making decoration on the Christmas tree. Let’s make a wish!” – Zero

zero1 zero3

Leeds Juicery
Design and Art Direction by Abbas Mushtaq, Greta Madline and Alphabet

“All print and promotional material is risographed on 100% recycled sugar paper, to look after our environment and print in an eco-friendly way. Sugar paper also has the beautiful characteristic of changing in prolonged sunlight,just as the ingredients of the product.”

leedsjuice leedsjuice2 leedsjuice3 leedsjuice4

Joe and Bee’s Wedding Invitation Suite
by Belinda Joe Lee

“The invitations are printed on embossed 320 gsm cotton paper, with the inside fold printed on eco-friendly recycled texture paper.” – Belinda Love Lee

joeandbee joeandbee2 joeandbee3

by Kathrin Honesta

“Ecopal is a self-made brand of wood-free colour pencils. Wood free colour pencils come from thousands of non bio-degradable stuffs that were meant to be thrown away in the landfield.” – Katrhrin Honesta

ecopal1 ecopal2 ecopal3

This Too Shall Pass
by Tomorrow Machine

Tomorrow Machine creates killer projects and we couldn’t resist adding this one. For more environmental design inspiration, I highly recommend browsing their website.

This Too Shall Pass is packaging made from all natural products that expires when the food product expires.



rice_package1 rice_package2