Take a Design Course Online: 12 Courses Starting in October

This is the perfect time to learn a new skill or expand on your existing knowledge by taking a design course online. Brush up on your web design skills, learn how to create motion graphics, or tackle typography in one of the courses available at HOW Design University—HOW’s virtual university—taught by esteemed designers who really know their stuff.

During HOW U’s Fall Sale, all of these courses are up to 76% off their original prices, so there’s no time like the present to jump in.

All of HOW U’s graphic design courses are self-paced with instructor guidance, and you’ll be able to download and keep all of the course materials after you complete the course online. Plus, you’ll have access to the materials for two full weeks after the course ends.

Need another reason to register for a HOW U course online? Instructor, HOW conference speaker and design guru Jim Krause explains why he loves being a HOW U instructor in this video:

Take a Course Online: 12 Design Courses Starting in October

500x500_Data-VisualizationData Visualization     

  • Start Date: October 6, 2014 (2 weeks)
  • Tuition: $169 $39.99 (76% off)
  • Instructor: E. Genevieve Williams

You’ve seen infographics on television, in books and magazines, in newspapers, and on the web. If you’ve been curious about them or just enjoyed them and would like to learn how to create them yourself, this course is for you.

Infographics are an exciting area of graphic design. They are a glyph form of communication and are quickly becoming a new language. This language is widespread crossing cultures and industries and has the ability to be identity neutral. Infographics are becoming a requisite skill for anyone involved in design and social media. They are able to convey a large amount of information in a small space, are compelling to look at, and are accessible to a broad audience. Register here.

500x500_Copywriting-for-DesignersCopywriting for Designers

  • Start Date: October 6, 2014 (4 weeks)
  • Tuition: $199 $69.99 (65% off)
  • Instructor: Denise Bosler

Graphic design and copywriting go hand in hand. A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words. Whether you’re in need of a simple headline or a full-blown RFP, what you say means just as much as the image you create. Add in the need for social media posts and blog updates, and today’s designers find themselves responsible for both the visual and verbal responsibilities of a project. Learn to elicit the attention, response and action that words bring, and become a dually valuable resource as an accomplished copywriter/designer in this in-depth informative course. Register here.

500X500_Adobe-Edge-AnimateAdobe Edge Animate

  • Start Date: October 6, 2014 (3 weeks)
  • Tuition: $169 $39.99 (76% off)
  • Instructor: Brian Wood

With Adobe Edge Animate (formerly just Adobe Edge) on the Creative Cloud, you can create animated, interactive content for websites using web standards including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this three-week course from Adobe expert Brian Wood, you‘ll learn what Edge Animate can do and jump into your first project: creating an interactive element for a website header. You’ll work create content from scratch and bring content in from programs such as Photoshop. This course will also teach you about using web animation, symbols, Typekit fonts, responsive content, and even adding motion and interactivity to an existing HTML layout. Finally, we’ll also cover the various publishing options to show you how you can publish to a website or to Adobe DPS apps for InDesign and Adobe Muse. Check out Brian’s site to preview an image of what you’ll be working on throughout the course. Register here.

500x500_HTML-CSS-Coding-BootcampHTML/CSS Coding Bootcamp       

  • Start Date: October 13, 2014 (1 week)
  • Tuition: $120 $29.99 (75% off)
  • Instructor: Patrick McNeil

If you want to learn how to code, but aren’t sure where to start, Patrick McNeil’s week-long coding crash course on HTML and CSS is the place to do it. You’ll get an introduction to HTML and CSS, and immediately start tackling tasks on your own, working with HTML tags and testing formulas. Video demonstrations will help you learn how to debug your code, and also illustrate how everything is supposed to look when it comes together. By the end, you’ll be building pages, and have the tools you need to start coding on your own. Register here.

HOWU-Hand-Lettering-Power-Course_500x500Hand Lettering Power Course

  • Start Date: October 13, 2014 (2 weeks)
  • Tuition: $149 $39.99 (73% off)
  • Instructor: Denise Bosler

Introduce hand lettering into your repertoire of design skills with this 2 week Power course. Denise Bosler, author of Mastering Type, will provide you with the skills you need to add a personal touch to your typographic communication from research and sketching to developing dynamic layouts with custom lettering. You will be given the opportunity to communicate your love of hand-lettering through the process of self-discovery and experimentation as you explore your typographic voice and creative style. Register here. 

Read Denise’s article about the best hand lettering artists on PrintMag.com.

500X500_Advanced-WordpressAdvanced WordPress

  • Start Date: October 13, 2014 (4 weeks)
  • Tuition: $199 $59.99 (70% off)
  • Instructor: Jesse Friedman

In this course, you’ll learn WordPress skills that will take you from novice, to expert. Jesse Friedman will begin with some foundational basics to get you started, and then will cover WordPress theming and industry best practices. You’ll learn how to develop WordPress template files—replacing static HTML content with WordPress Template Tags—and get in to dynamic sidebar creation. This course builds on Friedman’s first class, 28 Days to Your First WordPress Site, but it is not required. However, a good understanding of HTML, CSS and some JavaScript will be necessary. Register here.

500X500_How-to-Make-an-InfogrpahicHow to Make an Infographic

  • Start Date: October 13, 2014 (2 weeks)
  • Tuition: $149 $39.99 (73% off)
  • Instructor: John T. Meyer

This course will cover everything you need to know about infographics. The course starts at covering the power of infographics and why they are worth considering in your marketing and storytelling efforts. Then, the course will take you through the recipe that Lemonly, a design firm that specializes in infographics, takes to make their own sweet visuals.

The course is structured in three sections: Data, Design, and Distribute. Each section contains videos, screen captures, interviews and even sample documents available to download to use for your own infographic creation. Take this course to build a solid foundation for building great infographics. Register here.

500x500_Motion-Graphics-and-Animation-DesignMotion Graphics and Animation Design

  • Start Date: October 20, 2014 (4 weeks)
  • Tuition: $99 $69.99 (65% off)
  • Instructor: Sean Brodbeck

In this four-week introductory course, you’ll immerse yourself in motion graphics and animation design by learning the general terminology, as well as the workflow of creating the designs in After Effects, file organization and animation fundamentals, along with many other basics. Register here.

500X500_Beyond-the-Color-Chart-BootcampBeyond the Color Chart Bootcamp

  • Course Start Date: October 20, 2014 (1 week)
  • Tuition: $129 $39.99 (74% off)
  • Instructor: Jude Stewart

Color is critical to any successful design project – yet nailing the ideal color palette for a project is notoriously tough. Which colors connote the ideal blend of feelings, attitude, outlook and timeliness suitable for your brand? This course will teach you to wield color more intelligently in your graphic design practice. You’ll need Jude’s book, Roy G. Biv, to take this course. Register here.

Read the introduction to Jude’s course and check out a sneak peek of the course materials at PrintMag.com.

500X500_Breakthrough-Website-Design_successBreakthrough Website Design Success

  • Start Date: October 20, 2014 (1 week)
  • Tuition: $120 $29.99 (75% off)
  • Instructor: Bill Haig

This course is about how we persuade and move people to action. You’ll learn to take the power of credibility based logo design working together with credibility based website design (a theory Dr. Haig championed from the teachings of his legendary mentor, Saul Bass) to create websites that reduce lost customers, increase the potential for sales and thus improve conversions. In one week, you will walk away with new knowledge on how to use credibility persuasion principles to design websites which sell. You’ll be able to explain, plan and develop the overall design of websites at the highest professional level. Register here.

500x500_Optimizing-Content-SEO-Tools-and-TipsOptimizing Content: SEO Strategies for Designers

  • Start Date: October 27, 2014 (1 week)
  • Tuition: $15
  • Instructor: Jessica Farris

Time for a bit of shameless self-promotion here: As the content management and SEO specialist for HOW and Print, I’m thrilled to be teaching the latest course from HOW U, and I decided it would be best if I offered it for only $15.

In this quick SEO course, you’ll get a comprehensive rundown of the content optimization process, from the seemingly obvious to the in-depth intricacies. You’ll learn how to make sure your best content shows up on Google searches and how to approach ranking your site. This snappy, thorough course will show you how to adapt your web content for the best results possible. Register here.

Want more information on SEO? Read this post for 3 quick starter tips, and attend my live webcast on SEO Best Practices for Designers on October 9! 

500x500_Principles-of-HTML-CSS-JavaScriptPrinciples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript        

  • Start Date: October 27, 2014 (4 weeks)
  • Tuition: $129 $59.99 (53% off)
  • Instructor: Patrick McNeil

In this four-week workshop, you’ll learn HTML for beginners, and about other technological building blocks through readings,videos and links. Building on the first course, Principles of Web Design, this workshop will teach you the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and JavaScript—the essential languages of the web—and set you up to take your web design knowledge further. Register here.

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