Taking Your Voice to the Web

500x500_web1Every design professional that I have ever met is hungry for inspiration. Many, like Shepard Fairy, use their talent to sway public opinion via posters, stickers and flyers, all posted online to gain access to the masses. Social media has amplified the voice of creative talents. If you haven’t yet set up your page, HOW’s MyDesignShop.com has a cost-effective learning option.

If you need to brush up on your web skills, or are just beginning, HOW’s MyDesignShop.com launches the Web Design Collection Level 1 today, which includes Coding for Designers: HTML and CSS Independent Study, developed specifically for designers by web expert Patrick McNeil. In addition to learning the basics of HTML and CSS, McNeil walks you through how to effectively upload your images and content so they are balanced and web friendly.

Also included in his online collection is Principles of Web Design Independent Study. This course is key to understanding the fundamentals of web technology and how design elements can enhance a website. The fundamentals are always important when learning new skills because they are used over and over, long after you become an expert.

Both independent studies allow you to work at your own pace and learn the material the way you are most comfortable.

Lastly, the collection includes McNeil’s The Designer’s Web Handbook: What you need to W1816know to create for the web. McNeil does a great job including hundreds of examples of great web design inside the book. It has been one of our most popular sellers. It’s great for reference and understanding design principles.

The cost of the collection is just $159 and is a part of our ongoing education series to upgrade and outpace your skill set. Each course sells for $199, a $398 value for $159, less than the cost of one class. Don’t delay, collections are limited.

mcneilNeed a little more interaction? Patrick McNeil will be speaking to a0c10ec5eabd98f3fbcd7b2e6b79ed0a_6937-HDL-EB-300x250attendees at the upcoming HOW Design Live. His topic is – “Print to Interactive Roadmap.” McNeil is an incredible resource for designers transitioning to the web. He is worth the trip to San Francisco!

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