The Idea Book

webdes3aI love that title. When I was a kid, some of the major retail chains would ship out their “idea books” at Christmas time and I would circle all the toys I wanted Santa to bring me. Patrick McNeil is about to release The Web Designer’s Handbook Volume 3 , featuring 600 examples of blogs, ecommerce sites, news sites, brochure sites, and more. He even includes a chapter on WordPress 101. While I appreciate McNeil’s easily understood tips and information on designing and building a site, the hundreds of colorful examples are what serves to inspire me. I still feel the same ‘wow’ that I did as a child when I look at some of the site examples, but now I don’t have to wish for something, McNeil makes it possible.




Responsive Web Design (RWD) is becoming more of a necessity than ever before. The premise is simple. More and more people use their tablets, smart phones and laptops to access websites. In the past, websites would have a mobile app that automatically drove users to a mobile-friendly site in order to accurately view graphics and pages. Today, thousands of different devices access websites. RWD reads the electronic device and then delivers appropriate dimensions for device-ready viewing – no more downloading apps. Pete Cashmore of Mashable calls 2013 the year of Responsive Web Design.  If you don’t know about it, take some time to get informed. is offering the Responsive Web Design Ulimate Collection for a great price.